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Planting & Trimming

Flower and Shrub Plantings: We recommend going to a nursery in Massachusetts ( MA ). Plantings: We recommend going to a nursery and finding out what you like. Ask questions, when do certain flowers, trees or shrubs bloom? What size does the shrub or tree get to be? How much per year does it grow? When designing your landscape keep in mind that you want something blooming at all times. So, not to have what we call a bare spot in the season. This takes planning organizing and upkeep. . Do you want perennials or annuals, or a mixture of both? Do you want your shrubs to be overgrown or manageable for at least 20 years, without having to replace them? What will germinate each other? Bottom line is don’t just throw stuff in, be practical. A little bit of planning goes a very long way. We want you to be” well pleased and proud” of your landscape. We are here to help you with all your landscaping decisions.

Remember loam and compost mix is your friend by adding some every year to the flower beds and especially the lawn. There is less wear and tear on the turf. Weather and humans can take a tremendous toll on the lawn. Up keep is the key for a life time of enjoyment