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Lawn Services

As a full service company we offer lawn services throughout Blackstone, Millville, Franklin, Bellingham, Milford, Hopedale, Mendon, Grafton, Upton, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Whitinsville, Douglas, Sutton, Westborough, Millbury, Auburn, and Hopkinton MA areas. Bi-Weekly mowing is 1 ½ times the weekly price. This is a compromise, as most do not do anything but weekly mowing. A bi-weekly can be done If it does not need a weekly mowing which is determined by us. There are 26 mows per season. We mow from the first week of May to the last week of October and then in November start the Fall Clean Up’s.

Sod installation

Fertilization programs are a general guideline that is recommended by the manufacturer. We like to look at turf on a specific basis as each lawn is different. Loam is the most important thing. You should have at least four to six inches of dark enriched loam. To keep the loam in good condition you add lime twice a year as it enriches the soil with nutrients. The second thing is water. Water longer and less frequently. However, weather conditions do dictate changes in watering. The next step is fertilizer. We recommend a fertilization program suited for your individual lawn requirements. Your specific lawn needs can be different from what another needs or doesn’t need. The needs of your lawn can change based on weather, soil quality, maintenance and watering conditions. By individualizing the care of your lawn this gives the customer results and not just a boiler plate method.

We recommend de-thatching with the de-thatch machine every year. This is especially needed if you do not bag your clippings. If you do bag your clippings, but your budget does not afford it, we recommend not going any longer than every third year as it may result in damaged turf.

We recommend core aeration every year and with over seeding as needed. Some customers choose to do core aeration and seeding less frequently. However, this should be done no less then every third year, to keep a balance of grass mixture on the turf. Turf can change due to a wide variety of conditions. When you do core aeration it loosens up the compaction of the soil and you get more oxygen to the root system. In doing so, you have a healthier lawn and a tighter turf making it less likely that weeds will grow in. This is a win, win situation of upkeep in a preventative and yet offensive way.

 We recommend that you do not skip any services as the end result would be different. It is more expensive to repair damages then to do seasonal upkeep. Please do not loose your investment. Up keep is the key.

Oranges compared to Apples: We have seen many things compared and most has to do with price. Price is not really the way to compare as it can be very misleading in this industry. Examples:

  1. A stone wall built for 2K lasts four years, a stone wall built for 7K lasts for 20 yrs. That means in the long run you would have spent 10K verses 7K and you did not save 5K but spent 3K too much and have the headache of having to repair and rebuild, which can be never ending.
  2. 2. Core Aeration & Over Seeding: One price might be $300.00 and another might be $900.00. We do double core aeration in a criss-cross method left to right and front to back. This gives maximum decomposition of soil and ten times the results in grass seed growth. With seeding one landscaper might use five pounds of seed another 20 pounds of seed. Four times better results plus some. So the $300.00 service of what you received from them would be $75.00 cost from us. So, again price does not tell the whole story but, results do. Just like in real estate, location, location, location, well in landscaping it is results, results, results.
  3. 3. Caring about the customer. We listen and work with you. We care about your ideas and concerns. Others it is cut and dry and it is their way or no way. Your way is our way. We will give you the information you need for better decision making. We will work with you for the best results and your satisfaction. If you look good we look good. Win, win situations is what we are all about.

I would suggest using our all inclusive program which is to utilize all the annual services recommended and you will receive 20 % off all other then mowing. A package deal is a steal and again a win, win situation. As you will have stunning results and save money and we look good as your property is a reflection of our work and we also make money.